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Mojo Media Joins Gravity Global

June 15, 2022 Nikole Rose

Mojo Media Joins Gravity Global

Mike and I couldn’t be more excited to share that Mojo Media Labs has joined Gravity Global.

Gravity Global, headquartered in London, is the most awarded and respected B2B agency in the world. Mojo is now the third agency in the US to join Gravity Global, expanding its  world-class expertise in the US market.

Gravity Global was attracted to Mojo because of our expertise in Account-Based Marketing and HubSpot, as there is surging demand for ABM within the current client base.

Why did Mike and I decide to make this move?

Simply put, joining Gravity is amazing for our clients, our team, and for Mike and me.

Our clients' needs are getting more complex as the B2B digital landscape continues expanding. To best support our clients, we wanted to grow our capabilities and reach. Now, as a part of Gravity, we can confidently serve all the needs of our clients on a global scale, which is an attractive proposition for larger B2B companies that currently have to manage multiple agency relationships. As evidenced by the first few clients we shared the news with, we are already deep in discussions around more extensive ways that we can support them.

Mojo’s award-winning culture has attracted genuinely amazing people. We know that to continue recruiting amazing talent, it’s important to offer exciting upward mobility and growth opportunities. Joining Gravity now allows the Mojo team unique opportunities for personal and professional growth—whether that’s living and working anywhere in the world to include at any of our 15 wholly-owned global offices, learning from the best and brightest in B2B marketing, or having the ability to chart an unbelievable career path. Additionally, it’s rewarding for our team to better serve our clients in a more expanded way with expert resources all in-house.

The personal benefits for Mike and me are many. Mike was the spark that started Mojo in 2011, and he has carried a tremendous amount of passion over the years to lead and grow Mojo. In 2020, Mike’s passions led him to want to develop and support entrepreneurs. Since 2020, we’ve prepared for Mike to step out of the business and for me to step into leading the agency. I’m excited to announce that Mike will now be able to focus full-time on his business, Return on Energy to energize entrepreneurs to grow their business to live a life they love.

For me, I couldn’t be more excited for my own personal growth by leading our team as Managing Partner of Gravity Global. I am truly inspired by the cultural synergies and outstanding leadership that I will work with each day as part of a global team.

As we enter the most exciting chapter thus far for the Mojo Media Labs journey, the one statement that has permeated every conversation in joining Gravity Global is “Same or Better.”

If you have been enjoying content from Mojo, the breadth of expertise has only gotten deeper and wider. If you have thought about partnering with Mojo for marketing services, our capabilities to scale your growth have massively expanded.

And if you have been partnered with Mojo, we are excited to continue to partner with you as the world’s most awarded B2B agency.

Read the full announcement here.

With much gratitude and the excitement for the future,

Nikole and Mike Rose

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Nikole Rose

Nikole Rose

As President & COO, Nikole is obsessed about building a great company made up of an inspiring culture and highly successful client engagements. Outside of Mojo, Nikole is also pretty obsessed with traveling, spending time at their cabins in Broken Bow OK, her Golden Retriever, Bella, and enjoying Italian dinners and wine with her husband, Mike.

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