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Mojo Claims AMA Marketer of the Year, Best in Healthcare Marketing

June 1, 2017 Chandler Smith


18275224_10155183135842660_1452814423257930623_n.jpgAs a marketing agency, there are few moments quite as sweet as this. In May, The American Marketing Association of Dallas/Fort Worth (AMA DFW) named Mojo Media Labs the winner of the 2017 Marketer of the Year award and the 2017 Best in Healthcare Marketing award. 

For us, the awards are more than a recognition of excellence in marketing, or even marketing for a specific industry. They're a reflection of the passion, dedication and collaboration that each Mojo team brings everyday. 

When we dedicated ourselves to the inbound experiment in 2012, we knew we were joining a revolutionary movement in digital marketing. We didn't know exactly where it would lead us, but we knew we had committed to a philosophy that not only proved itself as a way to create remarkable results for clients, but become a force to be reckoned with for the foreseeable future. 

Fast forward to 2016, Mojo’s achievements for SeikoVision, a division of HOYA, were a direct reflection of inbound at work. Through the production of deftly written blogs and ebooks, Seiko developed an archive of helpful content for optometrists and patients. One of the most notable projects, an infographic revealing the damaging effects of bluelight, was physically printed by multiple optometrists as a resource for visitors. Over the past year, Seiko’s website lead conversion rate improved by 27 percent and the company saw an astounding 945 percent increase in marketing qualified leads. This wasn't an overnight feat by any stretch, but a diligent, long-term effort to study Seiko's target audience and craft content that would match its audience's pain points exactly. 

The AMA awards also come at a dynamic and exciting time for Mojo, including the transition from a 3800 sq. ft. office to an 8300 sq. ft. office in Irving, TX. We want to grow into our new digs in short order to develop our capabilities, which now includes podcast and video production equipment. Mojo’s marketing teams have also spearheaded web design for more than a few Dallas companies, another service we hope to augment for future clients. 



The real driver of Mojo success, though, is the passion of its teams and their dedication to the individual clients. While inbound and HubSpot provide the tools we need for success, nothing could be achieved without a genuine belief in what we do. The awards are by no means the end of the path, but a sure sign that Mojo is moving in the right direction. 

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