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HubSpot Partner Tiers: What Are They and Why Are They Important?

October 13, 2016 Daniel Berry


If you’ve spent any time perusing inbound marketing websites, you might see a shiny HubSpot badge with a picture of a gold bar or diamond. What do these badges mean? Why are they important? Where do you get one? Basically, these badges signify the agency’s HubSpot partner tier status (i.e. where the agency stands with inbound marketing). Partner tiers not only come with a variety of benefits for the agency, but they help companies determine which agency is the best fit for them.

How HubSpot Partner Tiers Work

According to HubSpot, “The Partner Tier program is designed to acknowledge those Agency Partners who have not only brought the inbound message to the most clients, but also those who executed inbound marketing services to the highest standards. (HubSpot places its) agencies in tiers using a combination of metrics, looking at monthly recurring revenue (MRR) acquired and managed, retention, software engagement and actual inbound marketing success.” 

HubSpot Partner Tier Designations

As agencies move from one tier to the next, they qualify for certain benefits. Here’s a brief description of each tier and the number of agencies currently in that tier worldwide:

New Partner:

These agencies have just qualified for the Tiers Program and don't have a badge yet. The partner must be both HubSpot Certified and Partner Certified to qualify. The HubSpot certification covers the best practices for inbound success, while the Partner certification covers how to market, sell, deliver, and grow with HubSpot. As of this writing, there are several hundred New Partners worldwide. 


After selling and managing enough MMR, agencies advance to the Silver Partner Tier. These agencies benefit from early access to new HubSpot products, strategic guidance and more. As of this writing, there are more than 225 Silver Partner Tier agencies worldwide. 


After selling and managing enough MMR, agencies advance to the Gold Partner Tier. These agencies benefit from HubSpot blog access, social amplification for content and more. As of this writing there are more than 240 Gold Partner Tier agencies worldwide. 


After selling and managing enough MMR, agencies advance to the Platinum Partner Tier. These agencies benefit from more HubSpot exposure, speaking opportunities and many other internal perks. As of this writing, there are only 72 Platinum Partner Tier agencies worldwide. 


After selling and managing enough MMR, agencies advance to the highest tier: Diamond. These agencies benefit from all the perks HubSpot offers its partners. As of this writing, there are only 13 Diamond Partners worldwide.

Why HubSpot Partner Tiers are Important

If you’re using the HubSpot inbound marketing software, it’s important to look for a higher-tier agency partner. Advancing from one tier to the next takes significant time and effort — especially for the higher tiers. Below are several benefits you enjoy by working with higher-tier agencies:

  1. A high tier ranking shows you that the agency has stood the test of time and has proven success executing the inbound model, which they’ll be able to leverage for your inbound marketing success.
  2. A high-tier agency will have a deep expertise with the HubSpot platform, making them more efficient with HubSpot and more authoritative with recommending how to best leverage the tool for your success.
  3. Finally, high-tier agencies receive tremendous support from HubSpot (including have direct access to both CEO Brian Halligan and CTO Dharmesh Shah), which benefits its clients in a multitude of ways.

Questions to Ask an Inbound Marketing Agency About HubSpot Partner Tiers

If you’re considering outsourcing your inbound marketing, here are some HubSpot Partner Tier-related questions you can ask a prospective agency:

  • What is your Hubspot agency partner status?
  • How long have you been using HubSpot?
  • How long have you been a HubSpot partner?
  • How long have you been at your current tier level?

HubSpot Partner Tiers are extremely important, especially when it comes to inbound marketing. Working with a high-tier agency can benefit your business in more ways than one.


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