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Everyday Account-Based Marketing: Job Hunting in Chicago

May 1, 2018 Lizzie Hoffman

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A wise Chicago teen played by Matthew Broderick once said, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” It’s easy to get stuck in the same unmotivated career loop, ignoring what motivates you, but when that routine stops working, so do you. Today, I’ll compare my recent job hunt and hire at Mojo Media Labs Chicago to the fundamental account-based marketing (ABM) process. Wondering how I’ll pull this off? Let’s dive in.

Step 1: Know when it’s time to change.

I value professional development like I value my daily peanut butter banana berry smoothie - It’s a necessity. (Ask nicely, and I’ll give you the recipe). When I noticed my professional development stagnated, I knew it was time to move on. Similarly, change and growth in digital marketing is necessary for a happy, healthy company. When digital marketing growth stagnates, it’s time to adjust and integrate ABM.

Ferris Bueller ABM and Job Hunting in Chicago

Step 2: Choose your target accounts

Before I began applying to jobs, I did my research, both internal and external. What was my ideal company? What did I want to achieve? What steps did I need to take to do so? As with ABM, these are crucial questions to answer for a successful ABM strategy. When you answer these, the rest comes easy.

Step 3: Prepare your campaign

With my questions answered and my ideal customer profile (ICP) determined, I began working on my campaign by redesigning my resume, reaching out to references, and updating my professional online profiles. At this stage in the ABM game, companies begin planning their campaign and creating their collateral. Are you getting a clearer picture of how this all connects? Keep following me here. The next steps are where it gets fun.

Step 4: Go live!

I’d prepared everything I could. So, next up: time for battle. I began sending applications and enjoying the thrill of the hunt. Who would follow up? Would I need to readjust my goals? Like a great ABM campaign, going live invites nerves and excitement. Will those ICP’s respond as planned? Will anyone respond?


Step 5: Execute on opportunities

Patience is a virtue, but we all know being patient is easier said than done. If we’re lucky, though, we don’t have to wait long, and lucky for me, things move quite fast in the Windy City. Before I knew it, I was receiving follow-up requests for interviews at lightning speed. Finally, I accepted a spot on Mojo Media Labs Chicago team. A well-executed ABM campaign can do the same - with specific criteria and the right content, your target ICP’s will be in touch before you can say “Da Bears”.

Step 6: Breathe. Then keep going.

“Life moves pretty fast.” Ferris Bueller (or John Hughes, I guess) was right. Taking time to stop, assess your growth, and determine next steps is important, both in life and in ABM. If you’re not careful, you’ll get stuck in a loop without any growth and miss everything happening around you.

I hope you enjoyed that exercise as much as I did - ABM and Inbound work together seamlessly when it comes to boosting ROI. Check out our E-guide below with the 9 Essentials for Inbound Marketing Success.

inbound marketing essentials guide

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