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Emoji SEO, Are You Ready?

April 1, 2018 James Elhardt


mojo-blog-Emoji SEO are You Ready

Whether you like them or not emojis are here to stay. They are becoming part of our culture and even had a whole blockbuster movie. The time is here to start bringing emojis into your marketing strategy, as we are already seeing some evidence of increased click-through rate for websites and emails that use them smartly.

We generally believe that when something gets a big movie, no matter how good it is, it’s time to bring it into marketing. It worked with You’ve Got Mail, it should work with The Emoji Movie. The next great step for emojis is to integrate it into SEO. Emojis are an interesting and subjective form of communication though, so to navigate the nuances we break down some common emoji SEO tips that we’ve found from about 6 minutes of testing.

Each Smile is Different

The emoji that everyone knows is the smiley face; it was basically just stolen from old Walmart commercials after all. No two smiley faces are the same though. Here is how to use each smiling face to get the most relevant results:

Tears_of_Joy_Emoji - This is great for B2C companies with low margin, high volume business models. It’s far too casual for B2B companies to attract the right type of customers. We recommend avoiding this one if you are not sure.

Smiley_Emoji_with_Eyes_Opened - It’s a little too happy for most companies. It’s great for your friends, but if you sent this to the wrong person they might think you are being passive-aggressive. Toy stores or manufacturers of cereal toys are right at home with this emoji, everyone else should stay away.

Slightly_Smiling_Face_Emoji - The B2B bread and butter. While the marketplace may be crowded one day, right now you can insert this kind, unassuming smile to attract the right customers. For B2C we only recommend staying away because it’s not quite happy enough for the weekend warriors.

Smiling_Face_with_Tightly_Closed_eyes - Oddly enough the grin slides right through too happy, into enthusiastic. This one is probably the one you should be focusing your ad spend on, not your SEO. Everyone is going to be fighting for rankings on this one right away due to its universal appeal.

The Enigma of Universal Appeal

The beauty of emojis is that they can be interpreted so many different ways. While the smiley face world is pretty cut and dry, there is one emoji that truly speaks to the wide variety of creative processes each of our brains follow. That simply is the Party Parrot.


To some this little guy has become the epitome of workplace interaction, others use it to signify that it is truly time to party. One thing we can agree on though is that this emoji is going to be one of the hardest to figure out as we begin integrating it into our copy, our designs and even our hearts.

A Science or an Art?

The question we must ask ourselves as marketers is are we ready to help codify this societal phenomenon. Can we use this as a real part of our strategy, or will the emoji SEO masters be ones that can’t codify their expertise? In our digital world, definitions of emojis could change overnight so we have to be ready to be vigilant, creative and open our minds to what emojis our audience is going to use.

Disclaimer: While this may be an April Fools joke, and some (read: most) of the tactical commentary above is certainly not true, emoji SEO will likely become a topic to monitor in the marketing world. Be ready for an interesting process as a very subjective form of communication may become a very concrete strategy.

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