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Business Continuity: a Crisis Preparation & Response Checklist

April 14, 2020 Jason Harrop

It is important to plan ahead to ensure business continuity during a disaster or emergency event. To ensure your business is well-positioned, consider the following items in preparation for or in response to a crisis.

With COVID-19, we saw a significant amount of organizations scrambling to react to shelter-in-place mandates. This left companies asking, "How will we do business without our office, equipment, storefront, etc.?" If this was your organization, don't let another crisis propel your business into reaction mode. Next time you’re planning to conduct a SWOT analysis for your business, spend a little more time than you normally would on the threats component to really think through all the external possibilities out of your control in which you’d need to be prepared to do business within or outside of. Can your infrastructure, workforce, products, services and value proposition flex or evolve in response to said threats? Be prepared. It may seem difficult to imagine all the possibilities or drum up the unprecedented, so we've created a resource to help you and your leadership team go through this exercise.

Utilize the below Business Continuity: a Crisis Preparation & Response Checklist to get your SWOT analysis started. Click to download, no email required (really...just being helpful, no strings!).

Business Continuity: a Crisis Preparation & Response Checklist


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