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6 Best Practices for Posting Event Photos

February 7, 2018 Stephanie Fisher

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You just came back from a huge event your company hosted. You’re a little tired, but happy the event was a success. What do you do next? Upload all of the photos you took to your website, right?

Wait! Do not drop your entire photo album on your website! Too many bulky images and too many megabytes will slow down your web page’s load time and affect your SEO.


What should you do?

We recommend that you should share your photos through social media, and recap the event on your website with an events page, press release, or blog post.

Here are our best practices for sharing your event photos:


1. Do not upload full high resolution images directly from your camera.

Take a few minutes to resize or optimize images for the web. There are a few ways to compress your photos and size them for perfect online viewing. 

  • Use Photoshop’s “Save for Web” mode.
  • Open the image in Preview or your operating system’s  image viewer and change the image size. If the original photo is really large, change the image size to 600 to 800 pixels wide (constraining the aspect ratio so it doesn’t get skewed).
  • More tips for editing photos are right here.


2. Make sure the photo’s thumbnail is scaled down.

The larger version of the image can be a bit higher resolution, but the thumbnail should be much smaller, like 100 pixels wide.



Full Size

app-for-that-cover (1)


3. Use your Facebook Page for albums.

Post the best photos on your website, on an event page or blog post. Then, create a full photo album of the event on your company’s Facebook page.

In the event summary on your website, post a link to the photo album on your company’s Facebook page. Say something like, “Checkout the full album on our Facebook page.” It will be easier for event participants and your audience to share the individual photos.


4. Post an image collage of the best photos on your website.

Show off the best photos in a different way. Canva is great tool to easily build a collage. Also, apps on your phone like PicFrame and PicCollage will do the trick.

team-fogo-christmasSpinWeb's Ugly Sweater Christmas Party 2014  at Fogo!


5. Don’t post every single photo.

No one wants to click through 10 images of basically the same thing, so take a moment to curate the album and eliminate duplicate, blurry or unecessary images.

It’s ok to hold back a few favorites to use elsewhere, like your Instagram account or in an email.


6. Live Tweet the photos on social media as they happen.

This is also perfect for sharing award ceremony photos or making a big announcement during an event. This is a very easy way to do real-time marketing and PR.

In conclusion, posting event photos on your website and social media networks is a great way to show how your company celebrates, networks, interacts with its industry, and helps the community.

So relax after your event, and post your photos responsibly! What are your favorite ways to post corporate event photos? Let us know in the comments!


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Stephanie Fisher

Stephanie Fisher

Steph leads our client delivery team and is obsessed with delivering quality work, creating an efficiency machine, and mastering the tools and disciplines to achieve success for our heroes. At home, she loves listening to true crime podcasts, playing with her daughters and two pugs, and singing in a local rock band with her husband.

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