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3 Ways to use Linkedin for Marketing

August 22, 2012 Mojo Media Labs

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If you’re a B2B company, Linkedin presents one of the greatest marketing opportunities of any social media platform. Often overlooked and underutilized, it’s a great way to not only drive targeted traffic to your website, but to raise brand awareness and establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. The motto for marketing with Mojo is “More Traffic, More Leads, More Customers,” and if you aren’t properly engaging the online space in the world’s premier professional networking platform, you’re missing opportunities for some serious ROI.

Take Advantage of Every Group You Can

We talk about it a lot here, but groups are the heart and soul of Linkedin marketing. They’re free to join and allow you to instantly reach out to potential customers. Join every group relevant to you, no matter how niche they are. The main focus here is as a way of promoting your blog. Blogging is your biggest SEO tool available, and if you provide great content with an eye-catching, relevant headline, people are going to click. The point of groups is to share knowledge, so drop the sales and get educational. If your blogs are connected to quality Call to Actions, the conversions will come.

Linkedin groups also boast a fantastic engagement level. It’s not just about linking to your blog articles straigt-out—starting a discussion and participating is a bit part of it. Don’t overlook the social aspect of social networking. Answer someone’s question in a clear, useful way, and you’ll look good—answering that question and then being able to link to a relevant blog post for further reading will make you look like a leader. There’s no such thing as participating in too many groups, and if you manage them through HootSuite, it can make a seemingly overwhelming task becoming a quick and simple affair.

Flesh Out Your Business Page

You may be promoting your linkedin page on your website, but are people engaging when they get there? Is there anything to engage with? Your services page is where the action is when it comes to Linkedin pages, and if you have a comprehensive list of what you can offer visitors will know what you’re about very quickly. There’s also space to adverise for free, right on your own profile. Upload some kickass CTAs that link to powerhouse landing pages. Share a promotional video on the sidebar. Advertising that upcoming seminar or your latest eBook. Give them something to click, and a reason to do it. Check out the Mojo Linkedin for examples.

And remember those blog posts I keep harping on? If you have a stream of fresh content, visitors will keep coming back for more.

PPC and PPM Advertising

It’s paid, sure, but for B2B you can achieve an impressive conversion rate. Because of the nature of information provided on linkedin profiles, you can target your offers extremely specifically not only to certain industries, but to certain job titles within that industry, to particular interest groups, skill levels, and locations. Want to advertise to COOs and marketing officers of tech companies in the Dallas / Fort Worth area with more than 200 employees? You can do it, and in under 10 minutes. Just make sure the offers you’re pushing out are informative and appealing. A targeted eBook is a fantastic way to generate leads, and once you get over the pain of initial development, they can be used in dozens of high-power ways. Don’t forget you can easily manage your budget and track ROI.


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