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3 Content Ideas For Email Marketing Campaigns

August 7, 2013 Mojo Media Labs

3 Content Ideas for Email Marketing Campaigns.png

Marketers should choose email marketing campaigns because of their effectiveness. Email marketing initiatives tend to be more segmented to your audience, which helps target customers based on their personal interests. Because of this segmentation, email marketing campaigns tend to have high click-through and conversion rates. Here are three ideas to set you apart from your competition.

Video Content:

With the rapid growth of YouTube, it’s obvious people love watching video clips. From instructional videos to hilarious viral videos and everything in between, video content is HUGE. A study performed by The Relevancy Group found videos increased email marketing revenue by 40 percent. When you start using video content in your email marketing campaigns, remember to start small. The goal is to get your message to your audience in an easy-to-comprehend manner. The goal often gets lost in the chaos of a huge production.

Audio Content:

Although video content generates great revenue, it may not always be feasible. Depending on your time and budget, video production costs may limit testing for ongoing campaigns like newsletters. But you don’t want to drown your customers in text-heavy emails, right? Your next best option is audio content. Audio content gives consumers a break from reading emails, and allows them to tune in at their convenience. Marketers for Seagate Technology used audio content as an NPR-style broadcast to keep their 42,000 employees updated on company news. Keep in mind, embedding audio into emails can be tricky. Some email filters may block or strip emails containing Java or Flash content. It’s important to make audio content a user choice. Try hyperlinking your message to a landing page where readers can launch the audio clip.

User-Generated Content:

Last but certainly not least, is consumer-generated content. UGC can go a long way to increasing the credibility of your business, and inspiring customer engagement. Examples of user generated content include:

  • Pictures

  • Testimonials

  • Reviews

  • Social media interactions

  • Contests

  • Polls

Heavy, unbroken text makes emails are difficult for consumers to read. Incorporating images and block quotes breaks the email text into small and easy-to-read paragraphs. Consumer-generated content also helps your consumers connect with one another. They believe in your products and services because other people believe in your company. Remember consumer-generated content is ongoing. Your digital marketing team always has to be on the lookout for compelling consumer-generated content. It’s not going to pop out at you easily.

As the first step in digital marketing success, creating relevant content to your ideal customers is vital. Inbound marketing agencies can help you develop an email marketing campaign strategy that works best for your company.

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