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Senior Marketing Strategist



As Senior Marketing Strategist, Amanda is obsessed with becoming the mastermind behind digital marketing strategies to achieve results for her clients. She has a passion for campaign strategy, holistic digital marketing, problem-solving and professional development. Amanda spends her free time listening to marketing, business and health podcasts or spending time with her family.

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Why Mojo?
The people. When you get a group of really smart, funny, caring, hardworking, dedicated, folks that are relentless to succeed - that’s Mojo and it makes working here a joy and blessing
Skill Set
  • ABM Enthusiast 
  • Marketing Strategy
  • HubSpot Certified
  • Crafty
Bucket List
  • Go to Switzerland
  • Swim with whale sharks
  • Skydive
  • See Britney Spears in concert (holding out that she will perform again)
Sweet or Salty

Both :)