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ABM Campaigns

How An ABM Strategy Ensured Alliance Safety Council Recovered From COVID

Alliance Saftey Council lost 10% of its revenue (2.5 million dollars) between March 13th-June 30th because of COVID. Within 4 months, Mojo helped launch 3 ABM campaigns that produced over $750,000 in revenue and is already generating a healthy pipeline to fully recover from COVID revenue loss over the next 3-6 months. Additionally, more ABM campaigns were launched to drive revenue for all different product lines resulting in over 3,000 actively engaged accounts.


Alliance Safety Council engaged with Mojo Media Labs to help pivot their go-to-market strategy and recoup lost revenue as a result of COVID. For over 60 years, Alliance Safety Council has provided the leading training courses which have predominantly taken place in person. Like many businesses, Alliance Safety Council faced an unexpected challenge in March of 2020 as they saw their business model wouldn’t work in the midst of COVID. As a result of having to cancel numerous in-person training, the company lost $2.5 million in revenue between March 13th and June 30th. This lost revenue equaled roughly 10% of their annual revenue.



COSS Campaign

From April to July 2021, we developed and launched the COSS Campaign.

The largest challenge in this campaign was helping to generate awareness of online training and how easy it was to engage with online training. The marketing campaign challenge was to create marketing collateral that made the target accounts aware that COSS has completely transitioned to an online platform, and to create a viable business case as to why now was the perfect time to invest in online learning for their employees. As a result of office locations shut down, we had to implement new tactics to reach the target decision makers using new technology and digital channels.


Mojo Media Labs worked in tandem with Alliance Safety Council on digital marketing and promotional strategies for this campaign. Mojo created an ABM strategy that included three separate campaigns. The goal of the strategy was to raise awareness among previously engaged accounts that the COSS training was now available online. By creating a pilot campaign, we could create an iterative process that allowed Mojo to perfect the messaging, while also creating awareness within the target accounts of the new online training program.



Website Pages

Alliance Safety Council has taken the approach of creating microsites for every product they offer. When they decided to take the COSS training virtual, they updated the messaging on their COSS microsite homepage and created a dedicated landing page with all of the virtual training they were hosting.

Landing Pages

We launched two major landing page for this campaign that was the conversion point for all other marketing efforts.

Promotion Channels

There were three channels utilized for this ABM Campaign, which were:


With the email channel, the target accounts received information about why they would benefit from getting safety certifications before they had to return to work, and what would be included in the safety training. Every email had a clear call to action to “Register Now.”

Social Media

With the social media channel, Mojo Media Labs created posts that Alliance Safety Council shared to make their social followers aware regarding their online COSS courses. These posts were also matched with different imagery to A/B test which imagery and copy got the most engagement. Additionally, Mojo Media Labs created and ran social media ads through LinkedIn and Facebook.

Targeted Display Advertising

Using the ABM platform Terminus, Mojo Media Labs created numerous display ads that were specifically served to the target account list of previously engaged accounts.

Results and Outcome of the COSS Campaign

As a result of the promotion of the online COSS certification, Alliance Safety Council has since had over 350 people take their online training resulting in over $775,000 in revenue. Prior to the online training launching, there would have been no way to train their target audience in the midst of COVID. Additionally, this online training has become a new and permanent revenue driver for their company, increasing brand awareness and exposure for the variety of other products.

Following the success of the COSS campaign, Alliance Safety Council felt they had found a formula for success and wanted to continue to launch new ABM campaigns for their other product offerings.


Based on previous benchmarks and industry standards, Mojo and Alliance Safety Council determined the following benchmarks would indicate success.

ASC & Mojo partnered to develop a robust Account-Based Marketing and Sales strategy using the TEAM framework.


TEAM: Target, Engage, Activate, and Measure.

Metric Benchmark/Goal
New Accounts in Opportunity Stage 3/month
Closed won deals 1/month per product (accounting for time to close)
Monthly Sales $376,652 per month
Scheduled Meetings 5/month
Engaged Accounts 20%
Ad CTR Benchmark range .05% - .11%, Goal of .1% or above
Website Leads 80/month


To target the right accounts, Alliance safety council identified 8,000 target accounts they saw would be their best-fit customers for their different service lines. This target account was created based on their Ideal Customer Profile which outlines industry, stage of business growth, annual revenue, and the number of employees.



The main tactic used to engage the target accounts for these ABM campaigns was targeted ad placement using the Terminus ad platform. The targeted ads were sent to about 8,000 target accounts. The ads were seen over 4.4 million times and were clicked over 2,400 times by those 8,000 accounts.



In addition to running targeted ads, Alliance Safety Council implemented strategic gift sends for their PowerSafe product. The gift sent was 5 fortune cookies (each with a PowerSafe stat on the fortunes) in a branded box with a handwritten note from sales. The objective of sending gifts was to re-engage stalled opportunities and maximize high-engaging accounts to further show the value of PowerSafe.




Through the engagement tactics, ASC was able to schedule hundreds of discovery meetings.

The discovery meeting is scheduled to uncover the client’s pain points and short- and long-term goals. Based on takeaways from the discovery meeting, Alliance provided an overview of proven products and services that will meet the client’s needs and sharpen their competitive edge.

Based on the receptiveness of the overview, Alliance Safety Council then sends the client a proposal that includes proposed services, timelines, and an implementation map. From there Customer Success works in tandem with other Alliance departments including our robust technology and learning innovation teams to deliver a seamless and successful implementation.



As a result of these ABM campaigns, ASC saw massive success that exceeded the goals set out.


Of the 8,000 target accounts, the goal was to see 1,600 accounts engaged by the end of 2021. As of August of 2021, there are already over 3,650 accounts engaged.


Their newest service line of content development has already closed two deals exceeding $380,000 in revenue. 


For the PowerSafe Campaigns, there are 2 major brands at the final stages of the 18-24 month sales cycle. These accounts were both heavily influenced by the ABM efforts deployed. Closing one of these deals would result in over $1,000,000 in revenue.

The COSS service line has already closed an additional $98,000 in revenue in 2021. As of August of 2021, the pipeline is over $110,000. Of all of these various opportunities, the targeted ad campaigns contributed to the 2nd highest amount of opportunities created. The Pipeline has steadily increased Month over Month over the entire course of 2021 within the Target Account Lists and COSS Opportunities.