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Take a deep dive with our ultimate guide to ABM.

Download our comprehensive workbook and start building your ABM foundation or improving your existing account-based marketing program today. Includes checklists, worksheets, and team exercises for getting your organization aligned and your account-based marketing program off the ground.

ABM Nurture Email 3 v1

Included in the guide...

Chapter 1: What is Account Based Marketing?
Chapter 2: Are You Ready? Take the ABM Readiness Quiz
Chapter 3: Creating Your ABM Leadership Team
Chapter 4: Identifying Your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)
Chapter 5: Selecting and Segmenting Your Target Account List
Chapter 6: Aligning Roles and Responsibilities: Sales
Chapter 7: Aligning Roles and Responsibilities: Marketing
Chapter 8: Scoring, Grading, and Adjusting Sales and Marketing Practices with an ABM Lens
Chapter 9: Building Your Tech Stack
Chapter 10: Measuring Metrics and Planning Next Steps

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