Top Webinar and Virtual Event Promotion Ideas

As in-person events move online, we’re all attending more virtual workshops, webinars, livestreams, and happy hours. We run through a laundry list of ways to promote your next virtual event and tips for making it fun, interactive, and productive.


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Featured Topic

Promotion Ideas:

  • #1 Make it easy to register!
      • Email - subject line is most important, CTA
      • LP w simple form, TY page, follow-up email, reminders
  • Newsletter
  • Pop-up
  • Blog CTAs
  • Thank You Pages
  • Personal Communication - account managers to clients
  • Meeting
  • Email
  • Ask for referrals
  • Email Signature Links
  • Support emails
  • Sendoso Touch
  • Social media
  • Group Pages, FB & LI
  • Create a Facebook Event - Promote to followers, boost, ads
  • Good old fashion networking, your professional groups and memberships
  • Webinar Listing Sites
  • https://www.tellonline.org/
  • Eventbrite
  • Other learning platforms
  • Podcast
  • Incentives for signing up

Making Events Fun & Interactive:

  • Group activity - example from the Gather Content workshop, group spreadsheet activity
  • Polls
  • Virtual whiteboard
  • Virtual backgrounds
  • Be authentic, use humor/memes, common struggles
  • Confront the weirdness
  • Prizes
  • Games
  • ‘Party bag’