How Your CMS Affects Your Marketers Impact on Growth, with Justin Graci

When you ask marketers “what is your role and what outcome do you strive to deliver for your team?” you’ll likely hear answers focused around their siloed role. When you step back, every single one of these roles depends on the website. And what if your website is built on a platform that holds you back? We discuss this and more with guest Justin Graci, Senior Marketing Manager at HubSpot.

Meet Our Guest: Justin Graci

Senior Marketing Manager and Product Enablement Lead at HubSpot

He’s a leader of positive-thinking, and a results-driven marketing professional with a decade of tech marketing experience across digital marketing, product marketing, communications, brand, content and merchandising. He loves uncovering unique solutions to existing problems that drive untapped business growth. In his free time he enjoys cooking, yoga, adventuring the mountains of the northeast with his Goldendoodle, supporting local music, and traveling to new places.

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How Your CMS Affects Your Marketers Impact on Growth

What is the marketer’s perspective here?

  • All roles lead back to the website
  • Website and CMS are a foundational component of the business

What are some of the ways a CMS could be holding back marketing?

  • Plugins, apps to assist w/ SEO - security risks
  • Over-reliance on IT teams to update
  • Patchwork / Frankenstein website - too many apps and plug-n-play
  • Expanding into new markets, hard to personalize or scale experiences, being organized. Many CMSs work against staying organized and we don’t have time
  • CMS that doesn’t let marketers update the site quickly - daily CRO changes and not being able to hit goals because you have to wait on a dev

What should our expectations be for a modern CMS that’s built for marketers to actually impact growth?

  • Fit vs Fight
  • Drag n Drop editing experience is such a game-changer
  • Testing - moving away from simple A/B testing and toward up to 5 pages at a time, machine learning, adaptive testing

Last week, Luke mentioned the role of the Gatekeeper in the past, why is it important to remove that gatekeeper?

  • Fewer gatekeepers we have, the better.
  • Empowering both the developer and the marketer to use their time and skills in the smartest way
  • Dev can build guardrails to keep things from going off brand

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