Checklist for Holiday Maintenance Mode

Preparing for being off-grid. How to use that time when the office is quiet. 3 Words for the Year.

Random Questions from lucy

“Where do you go in a zombie apocalypse?”


Preparing for being off-grid

  • Communicate & remind frequently in all channels
  • Walking through the work that needs to be done and assigning/delegating, with stakeholders
  • Week you are out: Can you automate? Who is responsible? Who is your backup?
  • When you get back: block of a whole day to catch up, process inbox
How to use that time when the office is quiet
    • Using the time to catch up on projects
    • What are the things that need more brain space, where I don’t have the luxury on the day-to-day
    • Professional development, certifications

3 Words for the Year

Allison’s 3 Words: Self-care. Innovation. Cohesion.