Audience First aka It's Not About You.

Examples of B2B and B2C brands putting their audience first. Plus, Miller Lite is going dark.

miller lite going dark campaign: MARKETING WIN

Miller Lite “Going Dark” campaign

"As a brand, Miller Lite has always been about bringing people together, so we felt it was time to make a strong statement about the lack of real connections people have today," said Myra Nussbaum, SVP, group creative director at DDB Chicago. "That’s why we’re inviting people to come back to The Original Social Media with the Original Light Beer."

4 Ways to Put Your Audience First

Lead with your clients' pains, challenges, and speak their language

Culture & Values

  • Our 3 Pillars
  • TDIndustries values are powerful “Fiercely protect the safety of our partners” - safety is big in their industry. “Servant leadership.”

Appeals to Logic aren’t as powerful as appeals to Emotion

  • What is important to your audience?
  • Brands participating in the Climate Strike
  • Cause marketing
  • Nike

Vision and Mission

  • Usually, a bigger story than just “We want to sell X”
  • Enriching Lives, really care about clients and team
  • Want to make team happy, enrich lives, profit sharing, generously investing in team and culture