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One of the best ways to learn is through teaching others.  At Mojo, we have and want to continue fostering a learning environment.  This is why we're so passionate about having a strong internship program.  Our interns learn so much after just a few months at Mojo and our team members get stronger through teaching — not to mention that we always learn from our bright interns as well!

Recently, I was incredibly touched to receive the following email from a previous Mojo intern.  It's extremely gratifying to have had such an impact on the direction of a young person's future!  Here’s the email:

Inbound Marketing

How are the best marketing departments around the world actually implementing inbound?  We’re going to look at how leading marketers are ascending to the top.  What tools are they using?  What kind of relationship do they have with the Sales team?  How do they think about their metrics (and how often)? 

Here are five insights from HubSpot's State of Inbound 2015 Report that will help to answer these questions.  Click here for the full report.

Mojo News

Perhaps, just like many others I'm ready and re-charged to have my "Best Year Yet"! To get my "Best Year Yet" started, I changed up my hair, freshened up my wardrobe, created my resolutions and am ready to tackle what I know will be a tremendous 2016!

Here at Mojo, I'm near giddy with excitement of what 2016 will bring based on a lot of hard work and planning last year. It's an exciting time at Mojo and I thought I'd take this time to share some of the reasons for my optimism.

Leadership & Management

In this results-focused world, we sometimes lose sight of what causes those results. One of the central ideas of ROE Powers ROI is understanding how the different ways of thinking directs where we put our energy. Too often we look only at the outcomes of the metrics. How many conversions did we get? Visits into leads, leads into contacts, contacts into customers? How many services did we sell? However, this is the wrong use of “how” as a metric.

It’s important to look at the outcomes, but it’s much more important to look at how we measure our success.

Mojo News

This Thanksgiving, we’re collectively giving thanks as an agency for everything that matters most to us as a business, from the clients we have the privilege of serving, to our co-workers, and the many tools that make the work we do easier and more productive.

We asked our team members to reflect back on the past year and what they’re most thankful for as digital marketers. Here’s what they had to say.

Inbound Marketing

Traditionally, inbound marketing has been a small companies’ response to larger companies with bigger marketing budgets. While larger companies still demand sizable budgets to spend on flashy advertising, smaller organizations have embraced inbound marketing, which prioritizes engaging content over ads, and uses a “pull” vs “push” approach to attracting and acquiring new customers. This approach has in essence evened the playing field for marketing power and supremacy. Here are four of the more prominent story lines from the current state of Inbound.