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Having just returned from HubSpot’s Inbound conference in Boston, we Mojoers were reminded of how valuable social media tactics can be at live events. Though it’s also important to be present (and we were!), we couldn’t help but follow along with the #Inbound15 hashtag. We even created our own tag, #InboundMojo, in an effort to share what we were learning throughout the conference and to join in with the IN(bound) crowd conversation in real time. 

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I’ve noticed a trend lately in client communications. This trend is represented in something I call T.R.A.V. It has helped our agency better communicate with our clients by first seeking to understand the core issue before overreacting to an unsatisfied client by scheduling a ton of additional work. Instead ask yourself, “Which of these two issues is the client’s dissatisfaction resonating from?”

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How important is executive sponsorship in inbound marketing? When I started building inbound marketing programs for our clients in 2011, I knew we would probably get “champions” when we produced results. But over time, I noticed that it’s actually easy to get champions when we produced results! Therefore, the champions we had were directly related to whether we produced results or not…deductive reasoning 101. They were either on our team or they were not. That’s not my definition of a team, or a partnership either.

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With every year, HubSpot brings a bigger and better Inbound Conference, and with it, bigger and better marketing tools. This year’s new features and products have caused quite a buzz, and here at the Mojo Media Labs offices, some very avid discussions about which tools are the most exciting. Here is what we’ve decided are the things to look forward to from HubSpot’s Inbound ’15 announcements:

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When I think about my expectations of working at an Inbound Agency, I have to say I have none.  At all.  Zero. This is because I don’t want to place a single limitation on my experience at Mojo Media Labs. That being said, I’m very inspired by this realm of expertise.  

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...Or Why You Should Pay Close Attention to UX’s cousin, Customer Experience 

User experience is a hot market right now, especially in the inbound marketing world, but gripping its tails on the road to visibility is the lesser-known “Customer Experience.” CX hasn’t gotten quite the buzz that UX has up to this point, and many people have misconceptions that the two are interchangeable.

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User Experience is the new “cool kid” in town. The words (and accompanying field) have been around for years, but now they’re quickly becoming part of the big leagues, especially in the realm of marketing. UX jobs have popped up over night and they can’t be filled quick enough.

This may seem a positive thing for the world of user experience and its adherents, however, there’s a lot of confusion and miscommunication related to what exactly is user experience and its true role in the world. This has led to a number of people decrying the sudden growth of the field to little more than a fad, and a hesitance to invest in this new trend.

The field may be going through some issues in its growth spurt, but with the proper application it can easily transform any inbound marketing program with the right mindset. User experience is here to stay beyond its “buzzword” status in the inbound world.

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As someone who has always had a little bit of interest in a lot of things, it has always been rather difficult to find my place. Teachers struggled to pin me to a strength or subject in school—which was probably a good thing because I wasn’t limited by any innate biases. I loved to read, excelled in math, and had no hesitance when it came to running experiments in science labs. I was the editor-in-chief of my high school literary magazine, and did a number of science and engineering based summer camps. In high school, I worked in a library, and did freelance web and graphic design. In college, it was an art gallery, and my summer jobs ranged from retail to psychological research. When I graduated with my degree in psychology, I decided to spend a few years as a psychiatric tech in a children’s ward before continuing on in my education, and then realized that wasn’t really for me either